YouTube Tuesday | 1

My Entertaining Kids

So shopping with younger children can truly be a chore.  It takes the task almost twice as long sometimes.  As far as my children, it is a constant fight to stay in a cart or be held/worn or in a stroller.  I am definitely the mother who is consistently arguing with their kid or kids to stay next to me or bribing them to sit in the grocery cart.  We checkout at HEB with an average of 3 – 5 items open each time.  I wore both of my children since they were very young and that now only lasts about 15 minutes with my 2 year old, well, on a good day I can get about 30 minutes – Praise God.  When I go clothes shopping it is crazy time.  Hiding under clothes racks, putting on the clothes, and even dancing around to the music they are playing is what my children prefer to do rather than stay by my side.

Seriously, I truly wonder how other mothers keep their precious little ones next to them.  I try to tell my self that my children are just very secure in their attachment with me so they wonder off to explore.  I tell myself that it means that I must be a better parent than the other moms who are able to keep their kids close to them the whole time…I allow my children to be free spirits…and that I will always be here when they return back after their explorations.  Well, I am not so sure this is true, however, it sure makes me feel better. It drives me completely insane when they are going in different directions while I try to find a size or look at the price of an item.  Am I seriously that mom?   The gritted teeth mom while making threats mom.  I did not start out my parenting journey to be this parent.  I started out as an attachment parent, who allows their child to be free and feel their feelings and behaves not on threats but on love and pure security.

The other day, I was so frustrated with my son at Target because neither child would stay in the cart.  I tried holding my daughter while looking at clothes for her and my son decided to check out the toys on the other side of the isle.  Of course, my daughter decided that she needed to be with her brother because she mimics his every move…it was immensely frustrating.  After telling him multiple times to stay with me for his and his sister’s safety…I basically lost it after checking out.  Once in the car, I broke down and explained to my 6 year old son very graphic details about what would happen if someone took him.  It was not my best Mama moment, however, I got through to him…well too much because then he used it against me later on that day when he repeated my words to his cousins using the word kill…and that is all I will admit to today.

So my main reason for this post is just to say, please don’t judge me people just be entertained by my beautiful redheads and their “radical” behavior!  I promise I have my eye on them. 😉

Check out this dancing fool that I call my son!  This is what I have to deal with y’all! ENJOY!

♥ Abigail


Monday Moans | 1

Mayday Monday – Parental Judgement

Mayday, Mayday It’s Monday…again.  And…after the long week off for Thanksgiving. Talk about having a hard time getting the kids awake or at least the Teak Man who didn’t want to go to sleep last night so of course I had to pick up all limp 50 pounds of him out of bed and drop him on the couch just to wake him and get him going.  I am shocked  that we made it to school on time…wet hair and all.  I was actually thankful that we lived Texas where it is only 70 degrees at the end of November!!  Geez, this weather.

So what is new?  I am just moaning on Monday again.  The Monday moans. what is it about Monday?  Don’t get me wrong, I am so very thankful for all the glorious days that God gives me and us |all my beloved ones,| however, it is sometimes just so hard to start  the week again after having the hubs home helping with the parenting and sleeping in, well kind of, depends on your definition of sleeping in.  I did stay in the bed until just about 8am on Sunday.  This only resulted in us not making it to church on time at all.  And for me church isn’t just a time to fellowship and praise God, but also to give me time to reflect, be with my husband and not have 2 small humans hanging on me.

Before one becomes a parent, you have all these ideas of how you are going to parent…you are not going to be like this person and you won’t do something like that person.  Then it all comes crashing down when your own little beings start doing the things you never imagined they would do because they were part of you and not someone else.  What is it about judging parents before we are parents ourselves?  And then the judgment continues if you do not parent the same way as other parents.  Can we all just stop the parental judgement?!  How can we really truly teach our children to not judge others when we are doing the same thing on a daily basis.  I am completely guilty of it myself.  This is something that I want to work on in the new year.  Let’s only support one another.  We are just doing the best that we can do raising mini hellions of ourselves.  Let’s be rubies and speak with wisdom to each other and our children.

“A wife of noble character who can find?  She is worth far more than rubies…She speaks with wisdom and faithful instruction is on her tongue.”  Proverbs 31




Sunny Sunday | 1

Being Grateful

Being grateful for what you have …in between and during 2 year old!  My 2 year old daughter, Sloan, is a vibrant, strong willed firecracker redhead.  My two children are almost 4 years apart, 3 years and 2 months to be exact.  My son is also very strong willed, active, full of energy as I believe most kids especially boys will be.  I recall his 3s and into his early 4s were a lot harder than his 2s.  He is also very much a mama’s boy so during his episodes of toddler rage, I could comfort him to calm him, however, my daughter doesn’t calm so easily.

My true point to this is when are in the thick of parenting, it is sometimes hard to sit back and be grateful, truly thankful, for all that you have including just the health of your children.  When my potty trained 2 year old comes after me with pants down around her ankles, butt naked, yelling and screaming “I do it” when I decide to dump her poop in the toilet and clean out her potty, then you really don’t have a lot of time to reflect how thankful you are that this sweet little child is yours.  At that moment, I would rather be anywhere but where I am.

Therefore, I now really understand the importance of having time to yourself whether you are a stay at home mom or working mom.  Honestly, I used to be a little bit judgmental, which stemmed from jealousy, of moms who took special effort to make time for themselves.  |Sleep deprivation is real when you bunk with ninja kicking PJ Masks who hunt for food and water while it is dark outside.|  Moms, we must take care of ourselves just as well as we take care of our children.

Reflect on positive words or scripture to help you through your day of parenting.  Try to get up slightly earlier than your children to have personal prayer time, run, stretch.  We are so good at raising these little humans that we forget about us, the big humans who still need to eat, drink and be merry. When we take care of ourselves and our marriages, we are grooming ourselves to be better parents.  When we add fruits to our our leaves then we can truly find contentment in all circumstances.

“Give thanks in all circumstances…”  1 Thes. 5:18

Now, I just need to follow my own advice daily!  🙂

Thanks for reading!