Sew Saturday | 3

Christmas Gift Picture Coaster | Simple and Appreciated

Alright, alright, I know this post is titled Sew Saturday, however, this is more of a DIY rather than a sewing project.  Sorry guys!

Every Christmas I struggle with what to get family members, adult family members.  My mother always says that she just wants help around her house and with her business plus she never seems to like what I get her anyway – in years past.  In recent Christmases my sister, brother and I have joined forces to get her something like an IPad last year but that didn’t work out as we had hoped.  Long, long story!

Typically Chad’s family just wants pictures of our family or actually the kids…it is just a bonus if Chad and I are in them. 🙂  So this year I decided to make my family these really cute picture coasters!  It was easier than I though, but very effective.  I even kept one for myself or my house…I guess Chad can use it too!  Family members dis say that they do not plan on using it as a coaster and will just place it on something like a picture.

Here are pictures of these really cute picture coasters that are supposed to look like a Polaroid picture. ⇒

Picture of my beauties.

All you need:

white square tiles from Lowes, Home Depot or any local hardware/tile store

A square shaped picture cut about 3/4 of the size of the tile

Modge Podge

small sponge brush

black felt cut into squares same size as your tile (or black paint if you think that is easier or what you have on hand)

E600 0glue (I used a spray adhesive glue for the first round and it didn’t stick so great so next round I used E6000 which worked much better!

  1. Use small sponge brush to apply Modge Podge to surface of tile.
  2. Place picture on tile to cover top 3/4th of the tile leaving a white space on the bottom and some on the side like a Polaroid picture.
  3. Use small sponge brush to apply more Modge Podge to top of picture and full surface of tile.
  4. Place on flat surface and wait until they are dry to continue.
  5. Cut black felt into tile sized squares if you haven’t already
  6. Glue black felt squares to back of tile with E6000.
  7. Deliver to family who will love them especially if they are of your beautiful kids or you of course!!

I first saw this one Whats Up Moms YouTube video.  It might be easier to follow her so here is the video link:  Whats Up Moms YouTube photo gift video

I hope y’all enjoy doing this fun DIY project!!

Have a blessed day and thank you for reading.

♥ Abigail






Sew Saturday | 1

Girly Skirts – Sloan’s 2nd Birthday


I grew up with a very creative mother.  She has an interior design degree from LSU and has sewn her entire life including making beautiful quilts for herself and family members.  When my sister and I were young girls, my mother tried desperately to get us to sew.  Neither one of us to an interest to it at the time.  When I purchased my house then I started to have some interest in sewing such as making extra pillows.  When my son was a baby, I attempted to make a cotton filled ball for him to throw around since like most baby boys, he loved balls.  It was actually his first word.  My mother did end up having to help me sew the pieces together after my efforts failed.

So a few years, a couple of successful pillows and baby burp cloths for gifts and a failed attempt at a bag later, I found out I was having a baby girl.  Oh, did that spark a desire to start my sewing attempts again.  I love these little skirts that you can get at Gap, or most kids clothes stores that have an attached bloomer to them.  In this hot Texas weather, they are really great and look so incredibly cute on tiny human girls.  Well, before my daughter’s first birthday, I decide to make her a shirt with “One” on it and a matching skirt with bloomer.  Guess what, I passed.  Admittedly, some stitches were ripped out and there were some late nights, however, it worked!

So this brings me to her 2nd birthday.  I actually made part of it up as I went along because I could not find an exact pattern at the time.  Since then, I believe I found one pretty darn close on a blog, however, still used my own simple pattern because my daughter is on the smaller end for her age.  She turned 2 at the end of August and still easily fits in 12 month shorts and skirts because of her waist.

For the bloomers, check out this tutorial from a local Austin woman! Made Everyday – Perfect Diaper and Nappy Cover There is also an easy to follow YouTube tutorial. She is really easy to follow.  So instead of finishing off the waistband like she shows, I add the piece of fabric for the skirt to it.  I prefer the skirt to not be really full.  Some people like a very full skirt so you would make the circumference of it longer, maybe even triple it the child’s waist measurement.  Two different skirts were cut and then I decided to make the one that she is wearing in the pictures above.

This piece of fabric is 10in x 30in.  My daughter’s waist is about 18 inches so I added 12in onto it so the skirt was not straight but a little full.  I sew the ends shorter ends together, right sides in, sew the hem for the bottom, then attach the top part to the top of the bloomers to make a waistband.  Then add the elastic.
This is showing the same piece and the bloomers that I will attach.  These bloomers make up the front and back already sewn in the bottom or crotch area.
Closer picture of the bloomers.  Elastic will be added to the leg holes and sewn.  I prefer to sew bias tape to the legs when sewing for the elastic opening. (see tutorial above!)
Again, opened up bloomers for better view.

This blog is very new and I am learning how to do tutorials.  Especially with sewing, I forget to take the before and during pictures.  Ask me any questions at all if you are truly interested in trying this cute skirt with bloomers!  It is such a fun feeling when you make something that your children wear.  Then you can get exactly what you envision for their big day.

Here is a skirt that I made for Sloan to wear for Thanksgiving.  It does not have bloomers.  I attempted to make suspenders for it, however, failed at the button holes because I do not have a button hole maker…go figure! 😉 20170122_155713








Friday Fun Spot | 1

The Priceless Theater

Well, today my son went on a field trip to Zachary Scott Theater to see the play Holiday Heroes by Shaun Branigan and Jerome Schoolar.  He has had the opportunity to go to plays since he was in preschool at Lucy Read.  I love theater!  The experience theater is something that every child should enjoy.  Public school allows children who would not otherwise have the chance to see theater be able to receive those benefits.  The inner gut feeling of fulfillment and excitement that you receive while watching a live play or musical is truly priceless.

My parents were not big theater people, however, I noticed in middle school that I had an interest in it.  My acting skills are sub-par due to my dislike of public speaking.  Yet, theater makes you feel like you can do anything while you are there.  As you start to leave after the play ends, you are given a new mind set where your thoughts are wondering and your heart is smiling or in some cases crying.  I went on a couple different school trips that enabled me to see several theater shows.  One took me to New York City when I was in middle school and then London while I was in college.  This exposure was priceless, however, my father may not agree with me on that.  He did have to pay for it and I am so grateful.  I recall my older sister telling me it wasn’t fair that I went on these trips…my response to her was “well, I ask, you can ask too but you don’t.”  I have lost that young adventurous girl a little bit and would like to find her again.  We can do that through our children – allowing them have adventurous experiences gives us the same opportunities to be kids again…somewhat.


Read.Think.Learn.Grow Thursday | 1


This is a motto that I decided to create for my son’s room a few years back when he started preschool.  In order for one to grow their mind , they need to be able to learn new things, in order to learn, one needs to think and read.  Think and learn could be interchangeable as well.

The world that we live in, it seems so common place to have your own mind, be able to speak out when you choose such as on any variety of social media even when it is disrespectful.  To be able to do what you want or feel and not care if it offends anyone.  People have become so insensitive to keeping peace just to get their quick fix of self righteous 5th Amendment freedom.  We act like we truly believe in having an open mind, however, all political sides, religious beliefs, etc are actually closed minded.  To truly believe in something, you kind of have to be somewhat close minded but that doesn’t mean that we do not accept others who are different than us.  With that being said, I believe that in order to truly learn and grow so that your mind can think on its own, you must read.  You must read a lot.  Read about anything and everything so that you can make up your own mind and then have more compassion and understanding for others views that may not coincide with yours.

Now that my 6 year old kindergartner is reading, I want him to love to read.  To learn that reading means knowledge and knowledge is power.  To realize that you can escape into a wonderful peculiar and unknown world when you read.  To find out questions you have always wanted answered.  Then in turn want to write so that others can read and continue the cycle of knowledge and growth.  We are all different.  Yet we are all similar humans.  The the meaning of the adjective form of human is: to relate to.  When we can relate to each other then we can understand each other even in our own individuality.

“Little people…why can’t we all just…get along?” – Jack Nicholson, Mars Attacks

I want my children to not just grow up to be confident adults but be confident children now.  I pray for them to learn who they are at an early age so they are not spending most of their early adulthood trying to find themselves and getting lost trying to fit in to different groups.  A young adult just out of highschool truly doesn’t know who they are but do you think they can?  Maybe we are not really allowing them to become.  I believe that if we open up the world to our children and give them experiences and teach them to be respectful of the human race, empathetic to all living creatures it can help them find joy in life and become better people. To plain be nice and have manners.  Who wouldn’t want to raise good people who will one day change the world for the better?






Design Wise Wednesday | 1

Macrame Plant Holder

This tiny house of ours is really starting to feel smaller as the children grow.  It is our home however we are starting to loose much needed living space.  I understand that we need to live simpler, however, we are already live pretty simple compared to close friends and family.  What I tend to do almost every couple of years since we have live here…we are on year 10…is redo a room, especially the living room.  More like either painting or re-arranging the furniture or buying new furniture that fits our lifestyle a little better.

When we painted a couple of years ago while I was pregnant with my daughter, we of course had to take down everything on the wall.  Well, not much went back up afterwards because I had the best of intentions to add pictures that I had never put up in all these years and hang a big mirror above our couch to add dimension.  Well, times they are a changing.  I am tired of having creative thoughts and not putting them into action.  I am working on the back wall, over the couch.  It finally has a mirror!  Woohoo!  One I found at Warrenton this past spring.  The man who sold it to me said it was very old.  It is a tin frame and the mirror was rolled on years ago so it looks a little wonky but in a good way.  After I got it home, I started to rethink my choice because I though it looked like something that I could have bought at Hobby Lobby.  No offense against Hobby Lobby…I love that place…however I wanted something a little more unique.

So back to my Design Wise moment…I decided that I needed even more dimensions and decided to make some macrame planters to hang in the corner of the living room.  I already had a couple of the small planters that I wanted to use and bought another one at Ikea.  So here goes…see pictures below.  They turned out pretty good and were pretty easy.  Here is the link to the tutorial that I followed.  It is from the YouTube channel WhatsUpMoms.  WhatsUpMoms Youtube Macrame Planter DIY

So side note: The macrame chord that I used was a bit stretchy.  I found it at Hobby Lobby so my fear is that the plant (if messed with by a small human) might fall out.  So, I will attempt these again with natural rope or just order some macrame chord online.  If you have any recommendations on chord brands from Hobby Lobby or Michaels then please let me know!