Design Wise Wednesday | 1

Macrame Plant Holder

This tiny house of ours is really starting to feel smaller as the children grow.  It is our home however we are starting to loose much needed living space.  I understand that we need to live simpler, however, we are already live pretty simple compared to close friends and family.  What I tend to do almost every couple of years since we have live here…we are on year 10…is redo a room, especially the living room.  More like either painting or re-arranging the furniture or buying new furniture that fits our lifestyle a little better.

When we painted a couple of years ago while I was pregnant with my daughter, we of course had to take down everything on the wall.  Well, not much went back up afterwards because I had the best of intentions to add pictures that I had never put up in all these years and hang a big mirror above our couch to add dimension.  Well, times they are a changing.  I am tired of having creative thoughts and not putting them into action.  I am working on the back wall, over the couch.  It finally has a mirror!  Woohoo!  One I found at Warrenton this past spring.  The man who sold it to me said it was very old.  It is a tin frame and the mirror was rolled on years ago so it looks a little wonky but in a good way.  After I got it home, I started to rethink my choice because I though it looked like something that I could have bought at Hobby Lobby.  No offense against Hobby Lobby…I love that place…however I wanted something a little more unique.

So back to my Design Wise moment…I decided that I needed even more dimensions and decided to make some macrame planters to hang in the corner of the living room.  I already had a couple of the small planters that I wanted to use and bought another one at Ikea.  So here goes…see pictures below.  They turned out pretty good and were pretty easy.  Here is the link to the tutorial that I followed.  It is from the YouTube channel WhatsUpMoms.  WhatsUpMoms Youtube Macrame Planter DIY

So side note: The macrame chord that I used was a bit stretchy.  I found it at Hobby Lobby so my fear is that the plant (if messed with by a small human) might fall out.  So, I will attempt these again with natural rope or just order some macrame chord online.  If you have any recommendations on chord brands from Hobby Lobby or Michaels then please let me know!





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