Read.Think.Learn.Grow Thursday | 1


This is a motto that I decided to create for my son’s room a few years back when he started preschool.  In order for one to grow their mind , they need to be able to learn new things, in order to learn, one needs to think and read.  Think and learn could be interchangeable as well.

The world that we live in, it seems so common place to have your own mind, be able to speak out when you choose such as on any variety of social media even when it is disrespectful.  To be able to do what you want or feel and not care if it offends anyone.  People have become so insensitive to keeping peace just to get their quick fix of self righteous 5th Amendment freedom.  We act like we truly believe in having an open mind, however, all political sides, religious beliefs, etc are actually closed minded.  To truly believe in something, you kind of have to be somewhat close minded but that doesn’t mean that we do not accept others who are different than us.  With that being said, I believe that in order to truly learn and grow so that your mind can think on its own, you must read.  You must read a lot.  Read about anything and everything so that you can make up your own mind and then have more compassion and understanding for others views that may not coincide with yours.

Now that my 6 year old kindergartner is reading, I want him to love to read.  To learn that reading means knowledge and knowledge is power.  To realize that you can escape into a wonderful peculiar and unknown world when you read.  To find out questions you have always wanted answered.  Then in turn want to write so that others can read and continue the cycle of knowledge and growth.  We are all different.  Yet we are all similar humans.  The the meaning of the adjective form of human is: to relate to.  When we can relate to each other then we can understand each other even in our own individuality.

“Little people…why can’t we all just…get along?” – Jack Nicholson, Mars Attacks

I want my children to not just grow up to be confident adults but be confident children now.  I pray for them to learn who they are at an early age so they are not spending most of their early adulthood trying to find themselves and getting lost trying to fit in to different groups.  A young adult just out of highschool truly doesn’t know who they are but do you think they can?  Maybe we are not really allowing them to become.  I believe that if we open up the world to our children and give them experiences and teach them to be respectful of the human race, empathetic to all living creatures it can help them find joy in life and become better people. To plain be nice and have manners.  Who wouldn’t want to raise good people who will one day change the world for the better?






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