Friday Fun Spot | 1

The Priceless Theater

Well, today my son went on a field trip to Zachary Scott Theater to see the play Holiday Heroes by Shaun Branigan and Jerome Schoolar.  He has had the opportunity to go to plays since he was in preschool at Lucy Read.  I love theater!  The experience theater is something that every child should enjoy.  Public school allows children who would not otherwise have the chance to see theater be able to receive those benefits.  The inner gut feeling of fulfillment and excitement that you receive while watching a live play or musical is truly priceless.

My parents were not big theater people, however, I noticed in middle school that I had an interest in it.  My acting skills are sub-par due to my dislike of public speaking.  Yet, theater makes you feel like you can do anything while you are there.  As you start to leave after the play ends, you are given a new mind set where your thoughts are wondering and your heart is smiling or in some cases crying.  I went on a couple different school trips that enabled me to see several theater shows.  One took me to New York City when I was in middle school and then London while I was in college.  This exposure was priceless, however, my father may not agree with me on that.  He did have to pay for it and I am so grateful.  I recall my older sister telling me it wasn’t fair that I went on these trips…my response to her was “well, I ask, you can ask too but you don’t.”  I have lost that young adventurous girl a little bit and would like to find her again.  We can do that through our children – allowing them have adventurous experiences gives us the same opportunities to be kids again…somewhat.


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