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Girly Skirts – Sloan’s 2nd Birthday


I grew up with a very creative mother.  She has an interior design degree from LSU and has sewn her entire life including making beautiful quilts for herself and family members.  When my sister and I were young girls, my mother tried desperately to get us to sew.  Neither one of us to an interest to it at the time.  When I purchased my house then I started to have some interest in sewing such as making extra pillows.  When my son was a baby, I attempted to make a cotton filled ball for him to throw around since like most baby boys, he loved balls.  It was actually his first word.  My mother did end up having to help me sew the pieces together after my efforts failed.

So a few years, a couple of successful pillows and baby burp cloths for gifts and a failed attempt at a bag later, I found out I was having a baby girl.  Oh, did that spark a desire to start my sewing attempts again.  I love these little skirts that you can get at Gap, or most kids clothes stores that have an attached bloomer to them.  In this hot Texas weather, they are really great and look so incredibly cute on tiny human girls.  Well, before my daughter’s first birthday, I decide to make her a shirt with “One” on it and a matching skirt with bloomer.  Guess what, I passed.  Admittedly, some stitches were ripped out and there were some late nights, however, it worked!

So this brings me to her 2nd birthday.  I actually made part of it up as I went along because I could not find an exact pattern at the time.  Since then, I believe I found one pretty darn close on a blog, however, still used my own simple pattern because my daughter is on the smaller end for her age.  She turned 2 at the end of August and still easily fits in 12 month shorts and skirts because of her waist.

For the bloomers, check out this tutorial from a local Austin woman! Made Everyday – Perfect Diaper and Nappy Cover There is also an easy to follow YouTube tutorial. She is really easy to follow.  So instead of finishing off the waistband like she shows, I add the piece of fabric for the skirt to it.  I prefer the skirt to not be really full.  Some people like a very full skirt so you would make the circumference of it longer, maybe even triple it the child’s waist measurement.  Two different skirts were cut and then I decided to make the one that she is wearing in the pictures above.

This piece of fabric is 10in x 30in.  My daughter’s waist is about 18 inches so I added 12in onto it so the skirt was not straight but a little full.  I sew the ends shorter ends together, right sides in, sew the hem for the bottom, then attach the top part to the top of the bloomers to make a waistband.  Then add the elastic.
This is showing the same piece and the bloomers that I will attach.  These bloomers make up the front and back already sewn in the bottom or crotch area.
Closer picture of the bloomers.  Elastic will be added to the leg holes and sewn.  I prefer to sew bias tape to the legs when sewing for the elastic opening. (see tutorial above!)
Again, opened up bloomers for better view.

This blog is very new and I am learning how to do tutorials.  Especially with sewing, I forget to take the before and during pictures.  Ask me any questions at all if you are truly interested in trying this cute skirt with bloomers!  It is such a fun feeling when you make something that your children wear.  Then you can get exactly what you envision for their big day.

Here is a skirt that I made for Sloan to wear for Thanksgiving.  It does not have bloomers.  I attempted to make suspenders for it, however, failed at the button holes because I do not have a button hole maker…go figure! 😉 20170122_155713









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