Sew Saturday | 3

Christmas Gift Picture Coaster | Simple and Appreciated

Alright, alright, I know this post is titled Sew Saturday, however, this is more of a DIY rather than a sewing project.  Sorry guys!

Every Christmas I struggle with what to get family members, adult family members.  My mother always says that she just wants help around her house and with her business plus she never seems to like what I get her anyway – in years past.  In recent Christmases my sister, brother and I have joined forces to get her something like an IPad last year but that didn’t work out as we had hoped.  Long, long story!

Typically Chad’s family just wants pictures of our family or actually the kids…it is just a bonus if Chad and I are in them. 🙂  So this year I decided to make my family these really cute picture coasters!  It was easier than I though, but very effective.  I even kept one for myself or my house…I guess Chad can use it too!  Family members dis say that they do not plan on using it as a coaster and will just place it on something like a picture.

Here are pictures of these really cute picture coasters that are supposed to look like a Polaroid picture. ⇒

Picture of my beauties.

All you need:

white square tiles from Lowes, Home Depot or any local hardware/tile store

A square shaped picture cut about 3/4 of the size of the tile

Modge Podge

small sponge brush

black felt cut into squares same size as your tile (or black paint if you think that is easier or what you have on hand)

E600 0glue (I used a spray adhesive glue for the first round and it didn’t stick so great so next round I used E6000 which worked much better!

  1. Use small sponge brush to apply Modge Podge to surface of tile.
  2. Place picture on tile to cover top 3/4th of the tile leaving a white space on the bottom and some on the side like a Polaroid picture.
  3. Use small sponge brush to apply more Modge Podge to top of picture and full surface of tile.
  4. Place on flat surface and wait until they are dry to continue.
  5. Cut black felt into tile sized squares if you haven’t already
  6. Glue black felt squares to back of tile with E6000.
  7. Deliver to family who will love them especially if they are of your beautiful kids or you of course!!

I first saw this one Whats Up Moms YouTube video.  It might be easier to follow her so here is the video link:  Whats Up Moms YouTube photo gift video

I hope y’all enjoy doing this fun DIY project!!

Have a blessed day and thank you for reading.

♥ Abigail







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