It’s Been 7 Amazing Years…

7 years ago, June 14th, 2010, we were told we would have a son.  7 years ago we were told our son had Spina Bifida Myelomeningocele.  7 years ago our world came crashing down around us without warning, without reservations and with a lot of fear.

I hope that day will never pass without me simply pausing for a second to allow my thoughts to overwhelm me as well as comfort me. I hope my pause on that date, each year, consists of gratitude and thanksgiving to God.  I hope my thoughts allow me to smile no matter if I am around someone or simply by myself.

Our SB journey is not at all what we imagined 7 years ago nor is it what we would have ever have dreamed.  Every child, every person who has Spina Bifida has a completely different story.  Our story consists of a lot of miracles.  It consists of perseverance and the belief that no matter what, our son will be strong and powerful.

My thoughts go back to the 14th of June so many years ago and I wish I could tell my pregnant self that it will all be okay.  Even if Teak had not walked or jumped, that it would be okay.  New experiences are full of fear when you do not know the outcome but the outcome would have been great no matter what our child became.

We are thankful for his success story but at the same time, do not want to take away from other SB success stories.  Their success comes out of their determination and their struggles with living in a world that is not always so accepting of differences.

Our son has his own issues with his hearing loss and his speech delays.  We are working through this day by day.  I know that he will one day speak just as good or better than his peers but for the time being we will continue to nurture him.  I will continue to be his biggest advocate in his education as well as among his medical team.  I don’t ever want him to feel alone in this world and always want him to reach higher while chasing his dreams.

Teak will one day change the world for the better.  I hope this for all children especially ones with special needs.  The world will one day see their differences as powerful.


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