About Me, Mrs. Head

img_9096Hello y’all!  Welcome to the The Head House!  My name is Abigail Head, however, I also go by Abby.  I am thirty-something, married to my loyal and handsome husband, Chad who is king of our household.  We have two beautiful children together, our son, Teak, and our daughter, Sloan.  They are my little redheads and get a lot of attention, I might add.  They are both spunky, full of character and definitely keep me on my toes.  Quite honestly, I am an exhausted Mama who hasn’t slept a full night’s sleep in at least 6 years.  A Texas native, born in Houston and raised in Austin, however, explored other parts of the world in different periods of my life including a couple adventurous years in NYC.  I am also a proud graduate of Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, TX!  Go Horned Frogs!  I received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Minor in General Business.

My guilty pleasures are sweets, chips and salsa, a good breakfast taco and anything that lets the little creative person inside me happy.  I was raised by a quilter and am just now exploring sewing on my own and love it.  Sewing little girl skirts is my vice right now.  Oh, and pillows.  One can never have too many pillows, right??

When it’s quiet in my house and I should be conquering the dust bunnies, you can sometimes find me watching random things on YouTube such as vlogs, hauls and sewing how-tos.  As well as scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram looking for inspiration.

We work hard towards raising attached children who are confident individuals, honest and true to themselves.  I love the Lord with all my heart….Jesus is the center of my soul.

I hope you enjoy reading the thoughts in my head and the shenanigans that go on in my house.




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