Friday Fun Spot | 1

The Priceless Theater

Well, today my son went on a field trip to Zachary Scott Theater to see the play Holiday Heroes by Shaun Branigan and Jerome Schoolar.  He has had the opportunity to go to plays since he was in preschool at Lucy Read.  I love theater!  The experience theater is something that every child should enjoy.  Public school allows children who would not otherwise have the chance to see theater be able to receive those benefits.  The inner gut feeling of fulfillment and excitement that you receive while watching a live play or musical is truly priceless.

My parents were not big theater people, however, I noticed in middle school that I had an interest in it.  My acting skills are sub-par due to my dislike of public speaking.  Yet, theater makes you feel like you can do anything while you are there.  As you start to leave after the play ends, you are given a new mind set where your thoughts are wondering and your heart is smiling or in some cases crying.  I went on a couple different school trips that enabled me to see several theater shows.  One took me to New York City when I was in middle school and then London while I was in college.  This exposure was priceless, however, my father may not agree with me on that.  He did have to pay for it and I am so grateful.  I recall my older sister telling me it wasn’t fair that I went on these trips…my response to her was “well, I ask, you can ask too but you don’t.”  I have lost that young adventurous girl a little bit and would like to find her again.  We can do that through our children – allowing them have adventurous experiences gives us the same opportunities to be kids again…somewhat.



Read.Think.Learn.Grow Thursday | 1


This is a motto that I decided to create for my son’s room a few years back when he started preschool.  In order for one to grow their mind , they need to be able to learn new things, in order to learn, one needs to think and read.  Think and learn could be interchangeable as well.

The world that we live in, it seems so common place to have your own mind, be able to speak out when you choose such as on any variety of social media even when it is disrespectful.  To be able to do what you want or feel and not care if it offends anyone.  People have become so insensitive to keeping peace just to get their quick fix of self righteous 5th Amendment freedom.  We act like we truly believe in having an open mind, however, all political sides, religious beliefs, etc are actually closed minded.  To truly believe in something, you kind of have to be somewhat close minded but that doesn’t mean that we do not accept others who are different than us.  With that being said, I believe that in order to truly learn and grow so that your mind can think on its own, you must read.  You must read a lot.  Read about anything and everything so that you can make up your own mind and then have more compassion and understanding for others views that may not coincide with yours.

Now that my 6 year old kindergartner is reading, I want him to love to read.  To learn that reading means knowledge and knowledge is power.  To realize that you can escape into a wonderful peculiar and unknown world when you read.  To find out questions you have always wanted answered.  Then in turn want to write so that others can read and continue the cycle of knowledge and growth.  We are all different.  Yet we are all similar humans.  The the meaning of the adjective form of human is: to relate to.  When we can relate to each other then we can understand each other even in our own individuality.

“Little people…why can’t we all just…get along?” – Jack Nicholson, Mars Attacks

I want my children to not just grow up to be confident adults but be confident children now.  I pray for them to learn who they are at an early age so they are not spending most of their early adulthood trying to find themselves and getting lost trying to fit in to different groups.  A young adult just out of highschool truly doesn’t know who they are but do you think they can?  Maybe we are not really allowing them to become.  I believe that if we open up the world to our children and give them experiences and teach them to be respectful of the human race, empathetic to all living creatures it can help them find joy in life and become better people. To plain be nice and have manners.  Who wouldn’t want to raise good people who will one day change the world for the better?






Design Wise Wednesday | 1

Macrame Plant Holder

This tiny house of ours is really starting to feel smaller as the children grow.  It is our home however we are starting to loose much needed living space.  I understand that we need to live simpler, however, we are already live pretty simple compared to close friends and family.  What I tend to do almost every couple of years since we have live here…we are on year 10…is redo a room, especially the living room.  More like either painting or re-arranging the furniture or buying new furniture that fits our lifestyle a little better.

When we painted a couple of years ago while I was pregnant with my daughter, we of course had to take down everything on the wall.  Well, not much went back up afterwards because I had the best of intentions to add pictures that I had never put up in all these years and hang a big mirror above our couch to add dimension.  Well, times they are a changing.  I am tired of having creative thoughts and not putting them into action.  I am working on the back wall, over the couch.  It finally has a mirror!  Woohoo!  One I found at Warrenton this past spring.  The man who sold it to me said it was very old.  It is a tin frame and the mirror was rolled on years ago so it looks a little wonky but in a good way.  After I got it home, I started to rethink my choice because I though it looked like something that I could have bought at Hobby Lobby.  No offense against Hobby Lobby…I love that place…however I wanted something a little more unique.

So back to my Design Wise moment…I decided that I needed even more dimensions and decided to make some macrame planters to hang in the corner of the living room.  I already had a couple of the small planters that I wanted to use and bought another one at Ikea.  So here goes…see pictures below.  They turned out pretty good and were pretty easy.  Here is the link to the tutorial that I followed.  It is from the YouTube channel WhatsUpMoms.  WhatsUpMoms Youtube Macrame Planter DIY

So side note: The macrame chord that I used was a bit stretchy.  I found it at Hobby Lobby so my fear is that the plant (if messed with by a small human) might fall out.  So, I will attempt these again with natural rope or just order some macrame chord online.  If you have any recommendations on chord brands from Hobby Lobby or Michaels then please let me know!





YouTube Tuesday | 1

My Entertaining Kids

So shopping with younger children can truly be a chore.  It takes the task almost twice as long sometimes.  As far as my children, it is a constant fight to stay in a cart or be held/worn or in a stroller.  I am definitely the mother who is consistently arguing with their kid or kids to stay next to me or bribing them to sit in the grocery cart.  We checkout at HEB with an average of 3 – 5 items open each time.  I wore both of my children since they were very young and that now only lasts about 15 minutes with my 2 year old, well, on a good day I can get about 30 minutes – Praise God.  When I go clothes shopping it is crazy time.  Hiding under clothes racks, putting on the clothes, and even dancing around to the music they are playing is what my children prefer to do rather than stay by my side.

Seriously, I truly wonder how other mothers keep their precious little ones next to them.  I try to tell my self that my children are just very secure in their attachment with me so they wonder off to explore.  I tell myself that it means that I must be a better parent than the other moms who are able to keep their kids close to them the whole time…I allow my children to be free spirits…and that I will always be here when they return back after their explorations.  Well, I am not so sure this is true, however, it sure makes me feel better. It drives me completely insane when they are going in different directions while I try to find a size or look at the price of an item.  Am I seriously that mom?   The gritted teeth mom while making threats mom.  I did not start out my parenting journey to be this parent.  I started out as an attachment parent, who allows their child to be free and feel their feelings and behaves not on threats but on love and pure security.

The other day, I was so frustrated with my son at Target because neither child would stay in the cart.  I tried holding my daughter while looking at clothes for her and my son decided to check out the toys on the other side of the isle.  Of course, my daughter decided that she needed to be with her brother because she mimics his every move…it was immensely frustrating.  After telling him multiple times to stay with me for his and his sister’s safety…I basically lost it after checking out.  Once in the car, I broke down and explained to my 6 year old son very graphic details about what would happen if someone took him.  It was not my best Mama moment, however, I got through to him…well too much because then he used it against me later on that day when he repeated my words to his cousins using the word kill…and that is all I will admit to today.

So my main reason for this post is just to say, please don’t judge me people just be entertained by my beautiful redheads and their “radical” behavior!  I promise I have my eye on them. 😉

Check out this dancing fool that I call my son!  This is what I have to deal with y’all! ENJOY!

♥ Abigail


Monday Moans | 1

Mayday Monday – Parental Judgement

Mayday, Mayday It’s Monday…again.  And…after the long week off for Thanksgiving. Talk about having a hard time getting the kids awake or at least the Teak Man who didn’t want to go to sleep last night so of course I had to pick up all limp 50 pounds of him out of bed and drop him on the couch just to wake him and get him going.  I am shocked  that we made it to school on time…wet hair and all.  I was actually thankful that we lived Texas where it is only 70 degrees at the end of November!!  Geez, this weather.

So what is new?  I am just moaning on Monday again.  The Monday moans. what is it about Monday?  Don’t get me wrong, I am so very thankful for all the glorious days that God gives me and us |all my beloved ones,| however, it is sometimes just so hard to start  the week again after having the hubs home helping with the parenting and sleeping in, well kind of, depends on your definition of sleeping in.  I did stay in the bed until just about 8am on Sunday.  This only resulted in us not making it to church on time at all.  And for me church isn’t just a time to fellowship and praise God, but also to give me time to reflect, be with my husband and not have 2 small humans hanging on me.

Before one becomes a parent, you have all these ideas of how you are going to parent…you are not going to be like this person and you won’t do something like that person.  Then it all comes crashing down when your own little beings start doing the things you never imagined they would do because they were part of you and not someone else.  What is it about judging parents before we are parents ourselves?  And then the judgment continues if you do not parent the same way as other parents.  Can we all just stop the parental judgement?!  How can we really truly teach our children to not judge others when we are doing the same thing on a daily basis.  I am completely guilty of it myself.  This is something that I want to work on in the new year.  Let’s only support one another.  We are just doing the best that we can do raising mini hellions of ourselves.  Let’s be rubies and speak with wisdom to each other and our children.

“A wife of noble character who can find?  She is worth far more than rubies…She speaks with wisdom and faithful instruction is on her tongue.”  Proverbs 31




Sunny Sunday | 1

Being Grateful

Being grateful for what you have …in between and during 2 year old!  My 2 year old daughter, Sloan, is a vibrant, strong willed firecracker redhead.  My two children are almost 4 years apart, 3 years and 2 months to be exact.  My son is also very strong willed, active, full of energy as I believe most kids especially boys will be.  I recall his 3s and into his early 4s were a lot harder than his 2s.  He is also very much a mama’s boy so during his episodes of toddler rage, I could comfort him to calm him, however, my daughter doesn’t calm so easily.

My true point to this is when are in the thick of parenting, it is sometimes hard to sit back and be grateful, truly thankful, for all that you have including just the health of your children.  When my potty trained 2 year old comes after me with pants down around her ankles, butt naked, yelling and screaming “I do it” when I decide to dump her poop in the toilet and clean out her potty, then you really don’t have a lot of time to reflect how thankful you are that this sweet little child is yours.  At that moment, I would rather be anywhere but where I am.

Therefore, I now really understand the importance of having time to yourself whether you are a stay at home mom or working mom.  Honestly, I used to be a little bit judgmental, which stemmed from jealousy, of moms who took special effort to make time for themselves.  |Sleep deprivation is real when you bunk with ninja kicking PJ Masks who hunt for food and water while it is dark outside.|  Moms, we must take care of ourselves just as well as we take care of our children.

Reflect on positive words or scripture to help you through your day of parenting.  Try to get up slightly earlier than your children to have personal prayer time, run, stretch.  We are so good at raising these little humans that we forget about us, the big humans who still need to eat, drink and be merry. When we take care of ourselves and our marriages, we are grooming ourselves to be better parents.  When we add fruits to our our leaves then we can truly find contentment in all circumstances.

“Give thanks in all circumstances…”  1 Thes. 5:18

Now, I just need to follow my own advice daily!  🙂

Thanks for reading!


6 Years Ago – 10.28.10


It is has been 6 years since this amazing, energetic, strong willed, curly red head of mine has been on this earth.  Sometimes I wonder what God was thinking letting go of this angel to allow me, someone full of flaws, to be his mama.  I was chosen to be his mother, the good, the bad, the ugly, and of course the blessings are all mine (and my husbands) to share with this growing boy.  My son, Teak.

He did not come into this earth as most children do.  He was born with Spina Bifida Myelomeningocele.  I find it so fitting that the month he was born, the month of October, is Spina Bifida Awareness Month.  SB is not something that is widely known or even heard or talked about in one’s day to day, however, there is not a day that goes by since June 14, 2010 (the day we found out) that I do not think about Spina Bifida.  My son doesn’t “look” like he has Spina Bifida nor does he act like, heck, he barely understands he has it.  It can be and is a very debilitating disability.  Teak was supposed to be in a wheel chair.  He was not supposed to run, jump, climb, or even walk without some kind of brace.

The day he was born was such a blur yet I remember it so clearly.  I was exactly 39 weeks along and we had a scheduled C-Section early in the morning.  Our nerves were so intensified by the worries, the what ifs on that day, yet, we were about to be new parents so excitement illuminated over the negative feelings.  We knew the whole experience would not be like a typical birth but on the flip side, it was going to be our own experience.  Something special to us no matter the road bumps we were about to go over. When looking back on that day, so many emotions surface.  Since we knew beforehand, we were able to mentally prepare ourselves.  Once that baby boy was outside of my body, I knew that my role as mother wouldn’t parallel a normal mother role.

My son was rushed to Dell Children’s Hospital within hours of his birth to prepare for the intense surgery that would close up his spine.   I had to put my trust in God and the doctors as well as the nurses who would take care of him.  I had to put trust in God to keep our neurosurgeon’s hand sturdy.   I knew my role as mother meant to take care of myself, push through my pain as though I had none because it would not even compare.  Pumping milk, walking, sleeping…those were included in my most important things to do for the first two days of my son’s life so that I could get to him.  Get to my son and hold him, then nurse him, then wait until he heals enough to take him home.

As soon as you hear the word Spina Bifida when you are pregnant, it is purely devastating and simply crippling.  Your world crashes down around you like a crumbling building in the middle of downtown.  You truly are not sure what is up or down and are just thankful that your feet make it flat to the floor as you walk.  The days following are not much better, however, as a week goes by then another week, you begin to build your dreams back up for your child.  The building is not going to be the same, it will definitely look different, however you now know it will be like no other.  This difference in your child is upsetting at first and then you begin to see it as a blessing in disguise.  With me and Chad, we immediately began to look to God for help and security of what was to come.  Our faith became stronger as well as our marriage.  Sometimes, I wonder if that was part of the purpose of our beautiful son, to strengthen our marriage and our faith in the Lord.  To hold strong in his promises that he will always provide.  That it is his will for our lives to live abundantly although it may not look the way we originally expected it to look like or look the way the world has taught us to see how an abundant life might look.

This child of mine is amazing.  He is so full of life.  Friendly, never met a stranger.  Always ready to go.  He loves people and people love him.  He is creative and thoughtful.  Kind and forgiving.  He is part of my life’s purpose and I am especially grateful.